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Stephen Wiesenauer
and Family

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Engaging in
culture and sharing the Gospel

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Stephen Wiesenauer is originally from Muskegon, Michigan.  His wife Krista is from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  They have been married for 25 years and have four children: Micah 8, Greta 11, Josiah 14, and Lydia 17.  

The Wiesenauer family has been on an adventure of overseas missions for almost 20 years serving in Taiwan (R.O.C.), Mainland China (P.R.C.), and Thailand.  Their latest adventure has taken them to Chiangmai, Thailand where they enjoy the people, language, food and many opportunities to talk about Jesus in Thailand and beyond.

Stephen is passionate about building new relationships, exploring new places, and finding opportunities for the gospel.  He gets to interact with other missionaries as a missionary counselor, build up national partnerships, and explore new opportunities in Asia.


Stephen is also excited to focus on the country of Burma.  In Burma, Stephen is building up Christ centered relationships, meeting physical and spiritual needs wherever possible, and building partnerships that bring help, hope, and God’s love to oppressed people in Burma.

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