Friends Network is a collaborative effort between two mission organizations that share a common goal:

to build eternal friendships.


To carry out this mission, FN recruits, trains, sends, and supports lay missionaries around the world. 


Friends Network (formerly Friends of China and Friends of Vietnam) is a WELS-affiliated ministry. We have trained and supported over 340 lay missionaries since the year 2000. These missionaries work in partnership with WELS/ELS world missionaries and national CELC churches. 


Friends Network is based out of St Paul, MN and is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.



Friends of China and Friends of Vietnam were both founded with similar missions to send and support evangelists in Asia.


Leaders from each organization met in 2019 to discuss a more formal collaboration that would allow us to share resources, leadership, and training. The two organizations officially merged in 2020. 


God has richly blessed our mission over the years. Thousands of new friends have heard the Gospel through home Bible studies or gatherings, hundreds have been baptized, and dozens of new Bible leaders have been trained to carry on this work within their communities. 


Friends Network currently has mission teams in four countries across East and Southeast Asia. 

Most of our missionaries work as “tent ministers,” which means they have local employment

(like English teaching) as their primary means of income.

Although their circumstances may vary, each missionary is committed to our three-part process:



Meaningfully engage in local culture and community.

Establish authentic friendships.

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Share the Gospel where God gives opportunity.