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Executive Director

Aaron has been involved with Friends Network since 2004.  He lived in East Asia for five years where he served as a Field Coordinator and evangelist for Friends Network. He and his wife Cora have three children and now reside in the Twin Cities.

Director of Operations

Suzy has worked with Friends Network since 2013 and has over 25 years of experience in various administrative leadership roles. She lives in the Twin Cities metro area with her husband and two children.

Director of Development

Alissa starting volunteering with Friends Network in 2016 and started her full-time role in 2021. She brings years of experience from working in corporate retail. She lives in the Milwaukee, WI with her dog Fern.

Member Care Coordinator

Anita is a counselor, teacher, wife, and mother. She began working with Friends Network in 2018 while she and her husband Mike lived in East Asia. They now reside in Ames, Iowa where Mike is a pastor.

Mission Counselor

Stephen and his wife Krista have served as missionaries in Asia for most of their adult lives. They have four children and currently reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Donor Database Manager

Jen joined our team in 2023 and works out of the main office. She and her husband have three daughters and they live in the Twin Cities.


Pastor Peter and Tammy Leyrer, Milwaukee, WI

Pastor Dan Kramer, New Orleans, LA

Ted Rattei, San Jose, CA

Matt and Jody Roberts, Watertown, SD

Dr Rhoda Wolle, Milwaukee, WI

Dan and Tingting Schwartz, Madison, WI

Pastor Huu Trung Le, Garden Grove, CA

Mike Frederickson, Milwaukee, WI

Pastor Tao Nguyen, Boise, ID

Please email us at with any questions or click on the names above to get in contact with anyone in our leadership positions.


Image by Jezael Melgoza


We are not currently hiring for any stateside positions. To learn more about

serving as a missionary, visit our Serve Overseas page. 

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