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Is God calling you to be a missionary?

We believe that every Christian is a missionary, and we aim to build eternal friendships in our cities and communities around the world. Each of our missionaries is committed to our three-part process of engaging in local culture and community, establishing authentic friendships, and sharing the Gospel as God gives opportunity. 

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, read on…

General Information

Our overseas missionaries typically serve as “tent ministers.” This is a term that refers to the Apostle Paul’s tent-making trade that he used to support himself while on his missionary journeys.  Most of our missionaries are employed as English teachers to earn a living wage and to engage with their new communities, but others have pursued local employment opportunities outside of teaching. In either case, Friends Network acts as the “sending organization” and provides a host of support and resources for its member missionaries while they serve overseas (see “Member benefits” below).


Typically, new missionaries will be assigned to their field of service by FN representatives after their application, interviews, and training are complete. These assignments are made according to the needs of the field and considering the strengths and experiences of the applicant.


Salary and benefits from overseas schools and employers vary greatly. We work with each of our applicants to assist in finding suitable employment that will provide a living wage. 


As a part of Friends Network, missionaries work alongside supportive teams and local churches in carrying out their localized mission activities.


Applicants are required to be confirmed members of a church within the CELC.

Foreign language fluency is not a prerequisite, but of course it is a huge benefit. Language acquisition is a priority for new missionaries as soon as they arrive in their new host country. We view language learning as a central part of our ministry as we engage with our new culture and establish friendships. 


Other qualifications and requirements vary from employer to employer, and also from country to country. It is usually necessary that applicants have an undergraduate degree as this opens more opportunities for jobs and visas overseas.


As a Friends Network missionary, you will be asked to:

1. Share our core values:

  • We believe that salvation is found in Jesus Christ, who came to save all people

  • We believe all Christians are missionaries 

  • We seek the Lord’s will in all circumstances

  • We are relationally driven 

  • We are culturally engaged

  • We love and care for our teammates


2. Complete a series of training sessions, assessments, and other preparatory work prior to your sending.


3. Maintain a regular relationship with Friends Network ministry leaders for encouragement, accountability, nourishment, and counsel.


4. Participate in helping us raise financial support, prayer support, and awareness for our mission. This includes giving presentations at churches and schools while on furlough, and maintaining regular contact with your family, friends, and supporters while serving overseas. 

Member benefits

Friends Network provides these benefits to each of its members:

  • Airfare (one round trip per school year)

  • Overseas health insurance and liability insurance

  • Extensive pre-field training 

  • Student loan counseling

  • TEFL certification

  • Financial stipend during pre-field training

  • Logistical support and guidance while serving in the field

  • Counseling and mentorship services

  • Annual missions retreat and ongoing professional growth opportunities

  • Financial assistance for special circumstances

  • Housing assistance (financial arrangement varies)

What next?

We’re pretty sure you have more questions than answers, and we’re happy to help. 


Step 1: Pray! Ask for God’s guidance as you explore opportunities to serve Him. Pray for our missionaries, and for those we seek to reach. 


Step 2:  Fill out the "Contact Us" form. We’ll collect some basic information from you and then contact you to set up a time to chat. This first conversation is informal, but it is usually very helpful for us to get to know you a little bit and answer any questions that you may have.


Step 3:  Complete a formal application and a series of interviews with our ministry representatives. 


“Friends Network really shaped me into the teacher and friend that I am today. I grew so much in my faith from veteran [missionaries]. I learned a lot about the unconditional love of family and not to be narrow minded in who I could consider a friend. I still enjoy working in a multi-cultural setting.”

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