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Women gather for workshop and fellowship

Friends Network missionary Lydia Schultz recently returned from an amazing ministry opportunity in a south Asian country.


Christine Doebler, Linda Marquardt, and Mary Witte (WELS missionary wives living in Chiang Mai, Thailand) were given an opportunity to host a workshop for Christian women in a south Asian country where Christianity is often persecuted. They invited Lydia to join them in planning and hosting this gathering. The women met several times in the months leading up to the workshop to share, pray, and plan together.


More than one hundred women attended the workshop. Each of these women had been nominated by their local churches. They traveled from all over the country, and several of them brought their children along with them.

Many Christian women in this country are no longer close to their extended families because they were disowned once they became Christians.

This workshop provided an opportunity for these women to connect with each other and to grow in fellowship with one another. They joined together in small group discussions and prayer circles over the course of the three-day event.


Lydia and the other leaders planned a “Christmas” theme with Bible lessons, art projects, activities, skits, crafts, and singing. They also had the opportunity to join together for a worship service led by national leaders.


Lydia said, “It was awesome to see the power of prayer in their lives. It was a very meaningful thing to be a part of. I learned a lot from them, and it meant a lot to see these women going to God for everything and leaning on each other for strength.”


As we reflect this Christmas on our Savior Immanuel, "God with us," we give thanks for the special opportunity to connect in person with fellow Christians around the world. We also give thanks for all of our supporters who make this work possible!



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