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More than she bargained for!

Here's a fun update from one of our evangelists in Asia:

"Thanksgiving was awesome! Last year I intentionally had a huge party and invited everyone possible, but this year my thought was to keep it small [so that I could be more intentional about spending time with the people who came]. Ha!

I think we ended up having 35 people come to my apartment.

It was so so encouraging to me because as everyone went around and said what they're thankful for, way over half of the people said that they've lived in [our city] for a few years and never found one person who really cared about them or who they could be their true self with, but that when they come to our group it feels like going home, and they like living in [our city] for the first time because of our group. Which I can see is true, because they keep bringing their friends. Praise the Lord!"

Your gifts this Christmas will support evangelists in four different Asian countries. Thank you for considering a donation, and God bless you!



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