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Rising out of challenging times

Sometimes the best mission stories rise out of hard and challenging times. Here's an example:

One of our evangelists in East Asia has been the director of a private Christian school for over a decade. It has always been challenging work, but God has blessed the school with relative safety and she has surrounded it with wonderful families and supporters.

However, the past few years have been especially challenging with Covid issues, security concerns, and the loss of a school license.

Still, our evangelist sees God at work. A couple days ago she sent this update: "I got to wash [baptize] an old friend who’s been on the fence for a long time this past Monday night. The same night the police came [to the school]. That’s a fruit of holding Monday night Bible study in our house. [My husband] was very instrumental in it. We also have two of our eighth graders getting washed next Wednesday.

Also, this afternoon is my mom's group Christmas party and around 20 to 30 will come for that. Tonight is the youth group Christmas party and we anticipate 20 to 30 teens coming."

We're thankful that God continues to work through all things for the good of those who love him. Please keep our evangelists in your prayers! And if you'd like to offer a gift to support them, please visit



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