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Making friends through language learning

Lydia and Rachel have been studying Thai language at a local school in Chiang Mai, but they also wanted to connect with a language tutor so they could practice their Thai on a more regular basis. They were introduced to two local university students, Pim and June, who were interested in being their language partners. Pim is already a Christian, but June is not. Each week they get together to practice their Thai, and their time together also allows them to discuss other topics like faith.

June learned about the local Thai Lutheran church in Chiang Mai that Lydia and Rachel were attending, and asked if she could come along next time they go.

Lord-willing they will bring her this coming Sunday.

Lydia and Rachel are also hoping to start a Bible study with some other new friends soon, and they will be able to invite June to that as well.

Your gifts this Christmas will support outreach efforts like this in four different Asian countries. Thank you for considering a donation, and God bless you!



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