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Assisting international students

As the old hymns goes, we at Friends Network "love to tell the story."

For almost 18 years, FN missionary Mike L. has been doing just that. He has hosted literally thousands of people in his home for Bible classes, meals, and events, and he has personally distributed hundreds of Bibles to new friends.

Our story for today is about 74 of those friends. One of Mike's ministry efforts is to work with students in East Asia who are looking for an international education. Mike is a personal advocate for these students, he serves as a liaison with about 10 different Lutheran high schools in the US, and he maintains regular communication with the students' families while their children study abroad.

Over the past decade he has assisted 74 students and their families with this process.

International student ministry is great opportunity for mission work. Countless international students have come to know Christ at our area Lutheran high schools. And behind the scenes it takes people like Mike working diligently to open these doors and support everyone involved. Great work Mike!

Do you want to help us "tell the story" this Christmas? Please offer a gift at Thank you!



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