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Keep doing what you did!

This is the first article in an on-going series meant to encourage you in your regular evangelism efforts.

How do I continue the work I was a part of through Friends Network? Keep doing what you did. It’s not complicated, but sometimes we make it that way don’t we? We get caught up with the busyness of life, our schedules, jobs, families, etc. and struggle to figure out how we ever were able to be involved in friendship evangelism in the past.

Good news! You can still join in the adventure of sharing the greatest story ever told by continuing to do what you did. What did you do in Asia? You met people, made friends, invited the friends to study the Bible with you, continually prayed about the process and asked that the Holy Spirit bless the sharing of Gospel seeds. While it is difficult to keep the same schedule that my wife and I had in Asia, it is definitely doable to continue doing some things.

Here is an example. While we lived overseas we had 1 or 2 Bible studies a week with our friends from the community and the local church. Here in Mankato, MN we continue to have 1 or 2 Bible studies a week with our Chinese friends from the community and the local church. How did this happen?

Simple, we just continued to do what we did and of course God blessed the process!

We met people in our church first and eventually some outside our church and when the time was right (when we could fit it in our busy schedule with two kids under 4), we asked if they wanted to study with us. Currently God has blessed us with two believing Chinese families and two unbelieving Chinese/American families in our core Bible study group. We study online using zoom once a week and it is in Chinese.

Keep doing what you did! Hopefully by hearing how God is using us, it motivates you to see how God can continue to use you to reach out to others with the life-saving news of our resurrected Savior! Please share the things you have tried or things you are currently involved in! It looks different for different people and that is part of the fun isn’t it?

Jacob B. - FoC alumni (2014-2018)



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