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I love to tell the story...

Throughout the month of December we are posting mission stories to celebrate what God is doing around the world. Here's one from just a couple days ago: One of our evangelists in East Asia (we will call her CL) became friends with a brand new Christian. This friend was excited about her faith but said to CL,

"I have all these friends who are not Christian but I don't know what to do."

She deeply cared about her friends and wanted them to know Jesus and the Bible. CL offered to help her co-lead a new Bible study on Monday nights that she could invite all these friends to. CL's friend was so thankful to know someone who was comfortable teaching the Bible and willing to take time to do it. She has consistently brought 5-6 of her unbelieving friends to this study each week. For her first lessons CL decided to use a book from Time of Grace (hyperlink) called "The Impossible Made Possible" all about God's free forgiveness and love. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in the hearts of these new friends!

Your gifts this Christmas will support outreach efforts like this one in four different Asian countries. Thank you for considering a donation, and God bless you!



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