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Maida Jaspersen

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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As a child, Maida was interested in travel and mission work but assumed her skills as an artist were intended to be used from home. She is excited and incredibly thankful for this opportunity to share her faith overseas. Maida is a recent graduate of Bethany Lutheran College's Studio Art program. There she developed a deep passion for creating mission-minded artwork. Through Bethany connections, she held a job as Illustrator for WELS World Missions. This gave her a taste of the deep and global impact that Christian artwork can have. She also illustrated and wrote a lush and colorful children's book about the Biblical account of Creation. Her love of creating for the Lord has done nothing but grow since childhood.


Alongside producing artwork for her Creator, Maida is looking forward to spending slow and appreciative time in a new place full of new people. She loves exploring and plans to bring her sketchbook with her on all her adventures. Please keep Maida's ministry in your prayers. Especially that it can be fruitful in both the connections she makes and the artwork she produces. Pray for guidance and wisdom and for many opportunities to share God's love.

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