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Lydia Schultz

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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1. What excites you about working with Friends Network?

Something that excites me about Friends Network is that I get to prioritize socializing and making friends. I have always loved making friends and being social. Also the fact that I get to share God's Word and make it my mission is the cherry on top! Sometimes I have to make myself sit back and marvel at the fact that this is my reality! Even just saying I am a Christian raises curiosity and questions among some people. It is such a comfort to know that it is God who is in control of what I do. Yet somehow I get to take credit when sometimes I don't deserve it. Praise the Lord!


In this picture we went kayaking down what was called the Amazon River. During this time we saw many snakes and birds. We went on this trip with some of our dearest friends that we have made in our time here.


2. In what ways have you grown by serving as an evangelist?

I have grown in the way I approach questions. I strive to be one who listens and asks questions. It is so easy to come in and tell them answers and what is the way, but I have learned the importance in taking time. The Lord has really been teaching me patience during my time in Thailand. I have found that when I rush into things or try to take things into my hands is when things do not go as well. The Lord has taught me to pray, reflect, and observe during my time working in his kingdom of Thailand.

This is a water park called Grand Canyon. In this picture is a core group of friends that we have made. We were able to celebrate Easter and Christmas with them, along with bringing them to church and having Bible studies together.

3. Favorite new word or phrase you’ve learned: 

My new favorite phrase that I have learned is "Mài pet luoy" in Thai: ไม่ไปเอ่ย. Translated means "completely not spicy." I have found this phrase to be one that I use the most. To me Thai spice is a whole new level of spicy. As one who can't even go beyond mild salsa, I have found trying food here to be a challenge at times. Almost everything is spicy, and when I say spicy I mean 3 or more chilies. If you only say not spicy, you run the risk of of still getting 1 or 2 chilies in your meal, so I cannot stress the importance of the Thai word for completely. Once I learned that phrase, it has made trying new foods alot easier.


This is a Thai meal called Mookata. Often served buffet style. You get raw meat of all kinds and cook it in the middle. On the side you boil vegetables and meat. It is eaten with chopsticks. 


4. What can we pray for?

Please pray for my continuation on learning the Thai language. Pray that I stay focused and motivated, because Thai people appreciate it so much when we can even say the smallest phrases. Also pray for my relationships that they continue to grow and can lead to conversations and studies in God's Word. 

This meal, Mookata, is usually for special occasions, but it is the type of meal that you can eat for two hours while talking with your friends. Then you eat until you physically cannot eat anymore ha!

To support Lydia and the mission in Thailand, please consider making a donation and praying for the missionaries serving there.

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