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Lydia 2023

Lydia Schultz

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Something that excites me about working with Friends Network is that I get to prioritize socializing and making friends. I have always loved making friends and being social. Also the fact that I get to share God's Word and make it my mission is the cherry on top! Sometimes I have to make myself sit back and marvel at the fact that this is my reality! Even just saying I am a Christian raises curiosity and questions among some people. It is such a comfort to know that it is God who is in control of what I do. Yet somehow I get to take credit when sometimes I don't deserve it. Praise the Lord!

I have grown in the way I approach questions. I strive to be one who listens and asks questions. It is so easy to come in and tell them answers and what is the way, but I have learned the importance in taking time. The Lord has really been teaching me patience during my time in Thailand. I have found that when I rush into things or try to take things into my hands is when things do not go as well. The Lord has taught me to pray, reflect, and observe during my time working in his kingdom of Thailand.

Please pray for the relationships I have made. That the Lord can bless our conversations and that the Holy Spirit can work in their hearts and their lives. Pray also that I can continue to study Thai language and practice speaking Thai so that relationships and my church and school can grow as well and Lord willing help to reach out to the community. 


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