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Kat & Jacob 

Southeast Asia

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1. What excites you about working with Friends Network?

Waking up everyday with a purpose! Working with Friends Network has given our lives a higher calling. Building friendships and relationships with the hope of sharing the Gospel is incredibly fulfilling. Not only that, but it is such a joy to make friends spend time together. 

Here is a photo from our trip to Da Lat, Vietnam. The city has many beautiful mountains and breathtaking views.

2. In what ways have you grown by serving as an evangelist?

Navigating life in a foreign country brings many challenges, which we constantly bring to Jesus. We have learned to trust in his timing, strength, and grace over and over. We are also learning new ways to incorporate the Gospel message into our daily conversations. Our hearts are increasingly full of the desire to share the life changing message of Christ with our friends.

Another photo from our trip to Da Lat, Vietnam. The city has a much cooler climate than HCMC.

3. Favorite new word or phrase you’ve learned: 

“Yêu Cầu” means “a request“ but the word for word translation is “love bridge”. Calling a request a “love bridge” is a great way to illustrate that asking something from someone takes a relationship built from love.

4. What can we pray for?

Please pray that we are bold in our faith here. Also, please pray for our families and friendships back in the United States since it is difficult to maintain both our lives here and our relationships at home.

We took an overnight “sleeper bus” from our city. Very cozy quarters! 

To support Kat and Jacob and the mission in Southeast Asia, please consider making a donation and praying for the missionaries serving there.

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