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Josh Hein

Southeast Asia

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1. What excites you about working with Friends Network?

Friends Network gives Christians the opportunity to do mission work in a really direct, boots-on-the-ground way. For me, it’s truly an honor to be a tiny part of the Great Commission, and having Friends Network and the support of congregation members stateside is really what makes this opportunity possible. The fact that I love other cultures and talking with and learning from people from around the world is just an added bonus :)

 It seems there are endless foods to try in Vietnam! These are some Vietnamese friends who showed us around a big night market.


2. In what ways have you grown by serving as an evangelist?

The biggest and most important way I’ve grown is in my faith. I think in order to share the love of Christ effectively, it’s important to first be genuinely filled with that love, and this necessitates being in His Word more. On a related note, I feel serving in this way has led me to be a much more grateful and content person. I like to think I have a fuller understanding and appreciation for just how much I’ve been blessed.

A recently tried new meal. This one features the spectacle of a blue flame to keep the beef hot!

3. Favorite new word or phrase you’ve learned: 

Nóng quá: Too hot!: Used on a regular basis in the climate of southern Southeast Asia.

4. What can we pray for?

Prayers for us to see and seize opportunities are always helpful! Prayers for good time management are also important as we juggle our mission work, teaching hours, language studies, and other commitments.


Language classes provide a great chance to meet others who have similar interests in Vietnam. We often go to restaurants after class to share a meal with our classmates after Vietnamese class is finished. 

To support Josh and the mission in Southeast Asia, please consider making a donation and praying for the missionaries serving there.

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