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Jed L.

Southeast Asia

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Jed was born in Napoleon, Ohio but spent most of his life in Jackson, Wisconsin. He is a major sports fan and grew up playing lots of sports. His favorites are basketball, baseball, and football. Jed is now serving the Lord in Southeast Asia. 


Before serving in Southeast Asia, Jed studied at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota. He studied to be a pastor, but instead of going directly to Seminary to complete his education, he decided to serve the Lord overseas after graduation. Jed has a huge passion for ministering to others and his strengths allow him to make deep connections with those around him. Being in a brand new place, Jed has been able to explore his local culture and make connections along the way. While discovering exciting things about his new home, Jed is discovering new ways to make connections and share his faith with others. 


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