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Hyer Family

Cebu City, Philippines


Engaging in culture

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Goal of raising full mission support




Building eternal

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Billy & Rachel Hyer have been married for 15 years and have two amazing sons, Henry (13) & August (10). Together as a family they serve the Lord's work in Cebu, Philippines.  


The Hyers have been called to go and make disciples by giving their lives to building genuine relationships with those whom God provides opportunity. While the poverty in Cebu is a sad reality, it is also an immense opportunity for them to humbly come alongside those in need and build the types of relationships that lead to sincere discipleship.


The Hyer family believes that making disciples means to not only lead people to Jesus who do not yet know him, but to also mature the faith of those who have come to know him by learning, understanding and applying God’s word to their lives. 


In addition to their personal ministry to the poor and homeless of Cebu, they also work alongside the ministry of the local church, which enables them to widen the depth of their ministry and connect those whom they reach to a local church body.


The Hyer family has made it their intention to be the hands and feet for Jesus to the Philippines. They not only ask for your prayers and support, but ask you to share your needs of prayer and support with them as well. Together we make the body of Christ, so that all may come to know the fellowship of our generous and loving God.

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