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Doug Tabor

Seoul, South Korea


The exciting thing for me about working with Friends Network is that I get to use my gift of showing God’s love by making friends and building relationships for the glory of Him. One year ago I could only dream of going to a foreign country and helping to spread God’s love but with the help and support of Friends Network here I am in South Korea, a country I truly love, doing just that!

Just in the short time I’ve been here my faith in God has grown as I see that He has been training me my whole life for this work. It has also made me more bold in telling people about the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in every situation I’m in.

I would ask you that you pray for our outreach work in Seoul and the surrounding areas. We are working through ESL classes, small group Bible classes, language cafes, and more. Pray that God blesses these new relationships!


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