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Carina R.

Southeast Asia

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Engaging in culture

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Witnessing in a foreign land is an amazing life. We are all called to this no matter where we are, but to partner with people who intentionalize making friends and giving people truth and kindness on a daily basis is the most blessed lifestyle there is in my opinion. 


Going back to Asia after 3 years off I am going into it with a new outlook, new strategies, and new goals. It's easy to say, "I want to start a school" or "I want to make 30 new friends" or "I want to be fluent in a foreign language in 2 years", but it's another thing to realize those dreams. Every day we are given opportunities to be a blessing to someone else, to develop a thought into an idea and then into a life-changing event, or simply to make friends with those like us and unlike us. 


Please pray for me that my fears and anxieties or need to have control in everything do not get in the way of sharing love whenever the opportunity arises and that God will provide whatever we need to advance his kingdom. 

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