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Brea Biebert

Quezon City, Philippines


Engaging in

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Brea is someone who can get really loud at times, but she also cherishes quiet moments alone and has a fondness for anything with lemon in it. However, here is the real scoop:

The Lord previously tucked Brea away at an amazing high school in Milwaukee for five years to watch Him do profound wonders in front of her eyes every day, wonders in her and in the lives around her. But with a passion for languages and a love for learning about new cultures, He has set a desire in Brea's heart for making eternal friendships around the world, and He carefully nurtured that desire until the uncomfortable thought of leaving family, community and life in MKE became her call. 


While living, serving, and working in Milwaukee, Brea found God constantly nudging her to focus on showing people Jesus, remembering that her only aim is to testify to the good news of God's grace. That being said, Brea is humbled and delighted that Jesus is calling her into a time where she can be fully devoted to learning who He is and how to introduce lots of other people to Him wherever she goes. Lord, only you can do this. 

Thank you, friend, for joining her here. 


Thank you, Lord, for mobilizing your people to share with anyone and everyone they meet wherever they are. Thank you for this global Church community. 


Well, that's all  for now. Stay tuned for more and join her email list below!

Holy, holy, holy are you, Lord God Almighty. Worthy is the lamb. You are Holy.

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