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Ryley Schetter

Manila, Philippines


1. What excites you about working with Friends Network?

Pastor Alvien started the first WELS church in the Philippines. It has been encouraging to see how God has worked in him and through him to share his faith and grow knowledge of Jesus love and grace here. I am thankful for Friend's network because we have the opportunity to be committed to encouraging others in Christ and sharing Jesus' love in fellowship and community with the people here. We all need Jesus. Having the opportunity to know people here and to share Jesus' love with them is the greatest blessing.


This was when the youth from church came over for the first time. We played American and Filipino games together, we listened to music, made friendship bracelets and tried some street food! 


2. In what ways have you grown by serving as an evangelist?

Since living in the Philippines I have been able to more fully understand how big and how loving our God is. It's been exciting and humbling to learn about the culture and see the different ways God meets us all and is present through it all. I've grown by praying for God to be with me to see others and love them as He does.

We did a bike tour in Intramurous with Jane and learned more about the history of the Philippines and Manila

3. Favorite new word or phrase you’ve learned: 

"Sibuyas" - which is Tagalog for "onion". I don't get to use it often, but I think it's fun to say :)

4. What can we pray for?

The building of our church at Law and Gospel needs repair and we are not able to worship there currently. Prayers for Pastor Alvien and his wife as they lead us, for the congregation as we adapt to new locations and for our team to be able to serve and share Jesus with the people we have the opportunity to meet while we are here.


This is a photo with the Sunday school kids. Ate Ayteth teaches the Sunday school lesson to the kids during church and then the kids will come in to present their lesson and share their memory verse with the congregation. Jake and I take turns joining her. This day I helped them memorize the memory verse 

To support Ryley and the mission in the Philippines, please consider making a donation and praying for the missionaries serving there.

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