Bethany Schultz


Mito, Japan

1. What excites you about working with Friends Network?

I get to share my faith! It is so exciting that this is my job. I get to see new places, try new foods, and make new friends all while telling people about my Savior. I have such a unique opportunity to tell people the good news in a country where most people have never met or talked to a Christian. 


This picture was taken at Hitachinaka Seaside Park with some of our high school students. We spent the day with them there and got to see the world famous nemophila. In this picture we are in a ferris wheel.


2. In what ways have you grown by serving as an evangelist?

I have a new appreciation and respect for people from a different culture. We often hear and learn about different cultural practices and beliefs, but it doesn't compare to experiencing them in person. It is so interesting to have conversations about religion or Christianity and hear a completely different perspective than what I am used to. 

Omurice which is one of my favorite foods I've tried so far. It is basically an omelet on top of rice and this one had a beef stew sauce and cheese on it. 

3. Favorite new word or phrase you’ve learned: 

My favorite japanese phrase is daijobu. It is a very common phrase here. It can be used to say no politely or to say yes or to say ok. I use it all the time and it is just fun to say!

4. What can we pray for?

 Please pray for our mission here and the people of Japan. While there is freedom of religion here in Japan, many people face persecution from their own communities when they convert to Christianity or even learn about Chrisitianity. Community is such an important part of life and culture here so people are often swayed away from Christianity because their family or community would not approve. Please pray that God would help these people in their faith and take away the fear of persecution. 


This picture was taken at Disney Sea which was super fun. We had such a great time going on the different rides and trying out various types of popcorn and churros. 

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